ZooArchNet Team

ZooArchNet is an interdisciplinary effort between archaeological and informatic scientists. Led by Kitty Emery and Robert Guralnick at the Florida Museum, the ZooArchNet project team includes individuals from the University of Florida, University of California Berkeley, Alexandria Archive Institute, University of Oregon, and University of Georgia.

Project Team

Kitty Emery, PI, Archaeologist, Environmental Archaeology Program, Florida Museum

Robert Guralnick, PI, Biologist, Biodiversity Informatics, Florida Museum

John Wieczorek, Informatics Specialist and Biologist, Rauthiflor Consultants, UC Berkeley

Michelle LeFebvre, Archaeologist, Postdoctoral Associate and ZooArchNet Zooarchaeology Point Person, Florida Museum

Laura Brenskelle, Biodiversity Informatician, ZooArchNet Point Person, Florida Museum

Brittany Mistretta, Archaeologist, ZooArchNet Web and Graphic Designer, Florida Museum


Sarah Whitcher Kansa, Archaeologist, Director Alexandria Archive Institute/Lead Open Context, incoming President, ICAZ

Eric Kansa, Informatics Specialist, Lead Open Context, Researcher at UC Berkeley, D-Lab

Edward Davis, Paleontologist, Earth Sciences, University of Oregon, Neotoma

Suzanne Pilaar-Birch, Archaeologist, Departments of Geology/Anthropology, Neotoma/Isobank

Jillian Galle, Archaeologist, Monticello Department of Archaeology, The Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery

Neill Wallis, Archaeologists, Florida Archaeology, Florida Museum

Charlie Cobb, Archaeologists, Historical Archaeology, Florida Museum

Supporters and Partners


University of Florida Research Foundation

University of Florida Informatics Institute

University of Florida Biodiversity Institute


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is composed of leading scholars in archaeology, biology, paleontology, and informatics. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us!